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Vegan Lifestyle Summit 2.0 coming in early Feb 2017
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4 Main Areas:
+cultivating a strong, positive, compassionate mindset as a vegan
+reaching optimal health through vegan nutrition
+social aspects of veganism  
+everyday vegan lifestyle (beauty, careers, exercise)

February 3-6
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20+ Speakers. 4 Days. Online Interviews and Q&A's. 
All about living that happy, healthy vegan lifestyle.
Have you ever...
  • Wished you were better at social situations surrounding veganism and knew the right things to say? 
  •  Wanted to know how to incorporate more raw and whole foods into your diet? 
  • Wondered about which 'type' of vegan diet is right for you and whether to eat raw vegan, starch based, alkaline or even paleo vegan
  •  Wanted to spread the vegan message with others effectively without being 'that annoying or pushy vegan' 
  • Had people mock you for being vegan and them just not understanding
  • Felt lonely because you don't have likeminded vegan friends or just more vegans in your life?
  • Wanted to know gain practical advice around veganism and the feeling of community?
Then this online event is for you. You're not alone in this, because many other vegans and aspiring vegans are also facing these challenges. This is why the Vegan Lifestyle Summit exists: to help as many people as possible to become happy & healthy vegans by receiving advice and inspiration straight from some of the top vegan experts in the world. 
20 speakers. 4 Days. Online Interviews and Q&A's. 
All about living that happy, healthy vegan lifestyle 

"The vegan movement is one of the fastest growing social justice movements in the world today"

Melanie Joy Ph.DPsychologist, Speaker and Author

"Cowspiracy - The Sustainability Secret: Agriculture is responsible for 80-90% of US water consumption"

Kip Andersen, Director, Cowspiracy - The Sustainability Secret

"The more rice, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and beans we eat, the trimmer, more energetic, and healthier we become."

Dr John McDougall, Bestselling Author and Physician

Learn from over 20 Vegan Authors, Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Activists and Bloggers.
Feb 3-6, 2017
These inspiring speakers will share their supportive outlooks and tips on how to be happy, healthy and fulfilled as a vegan. The cool thing is that you can get access to these exclusive expert interviews for free (just sign up with your e-mail below).
20 Speakers. 4 Days. Online Interviews And Q&A's. 
All About Living That Happy, Healthy Vegan Lifestyle.  
Meet the vegan change makers
Dr John McDougall 
Board-certified internist, Author of 12 national best-selling books (including ‘The Starch Solution’)
How a starch based diet can help you gain and maintain long lasting health as a vegan and achieve your optimal weight. 
Gene Baur
Activist and Author, President and co-founder of ‘Farm Sanctuary’, a farm animal protection organization
 ‘Living the Sanctuary Life’ - a day in the life of a sanctuary animal & the story of Farm Sanctuary, what it would be like to have your own farm sanctuary
Dr Melanie Joy
Psychologist, Speaker, Author and Founder of Beyond Carnism
The concept of ‘Carnism’, Vegan Sustainability 
Kip Andersen 
Maker behind Cowspiracy - The Sustainability Secret 
What it was like filming Cowspiracy, the environmental impacts of the agricultural business and how being vegan can save the world and the environment (literally)
Nathan Runkle
Founder & President at Mercy For Animals
How to do effective animal activism + an insight into agricultural policies and how you can do your bit to help change them.  
Victoria Moran
Author of 12 books including ‘Main Street Vegan’ and ‘The Good Karma Diet’, Speaker.
How we can cultivate a better mindset towards the food we eat, anti-aging vegan food and on being a ‘main street vegan’. 
Sandra Kimler
 International nutritional speaker and author teaching the Body, Mind & Spirit connection.
 How to make the transition to a more alkaline vegan lifestyle, differences between alkaline and acidic foods. 
Katrina Fox
Journalist, Author, Founder of ‘Vegan Business Media’
How to run an ethical vegan business and how to get PR for your vegan business, insight into which types of vegan businesses are in demand right now.
Clare Mann
Vegan Psychologist, Speaker, creator of the app ‘Vegan Voices’ 
How to have difficult conversations with non-vegans, how to explain veganism to others. 
James Aspey
Activist, Social Media Influencer
Activism for Animals and how to spread the vegan message
Adele McConnell
Entrepreneur, Author and Blogger at Vegie Head. Owner of vegan lipstick range ‘Dusk by Adele’
Tips for glowing, clear skin, how to feed your dogs a healthy diet, starting a vegan blog. 
Ellen Jaffe Jones
Author, Athlete
How to eat vegan on $4 a day, can you be paleo vegan, tips on becoming more active and exercise more.
Miyoko Schinner 
Author of ‘The Vegan Pantry’, Founder of ‘Miyoko’s Kitchen’ which includes an award winning range of vegan cheeses
All about cheese, and vegan cheese, traditional staple meals you can easily make at home. 
Shane Stanbridge and Marie Chia
Vegan Chefs and creator of ‘S+M Vegan’ hosting plant based suppers, brunches, pop ups and catering. 
What it's like to be a vegan chef, essential ingredients any vegan should use to make their meals taste better. 
Megan May
Creator of Little Bird Organics Cafes in New Zealand, and ‘The Unbakery’ Raw food app and cookbook
How to incorporate more raw food into your diet, on sprouting food, and raising a healthy vegan child.
Tammy Fry 
Marketing Director of ‘The Fry Family Food Company’, Speaker and Mother of Two
The story of ‘The Fry Family Food Company’, what it was like marketing ‘meat free’ products 20 years ago, making healthy food for your family. 
Ron Prasad
Personal Development Author, Speaker.
4 Keys to Effective animal activism and how to talk to your friends about veganism.
Andrew Taylor
The man behind ‘Spudfit’ who is eating only potatoes for a whole year to regain health and a positive mindset towards food
How Andrew lost 45kgs in 6 months eating only potatoes 
Kathy Ashton
Vegan Nutritionist and Founder of ‘Flourish Nutritional Medicine’ specialising in helping people heal their body from thyroid issues, Fibromyalgia, skin issue, and more through whole food plant based nutrition.
Everything you need to know about the gut and the importance of it in order to be a thriving, healthy vegan.
Krishna Norgbedzie (Krishool)
Singer, Dancer, and Actor - part of ‘The Voice’ 2014
The importance of compassion when it comes to veganism and ‘Influencing your friends as a vegan'
Ally Sheehan
vegan lifestyle blogger and world traveller from Melbourne Australia
What to do when you don't have any vegan friends, finding your vegan squad, travelling as a student, being vegan on a budget.
Maz Valcorza
Entrepreneur and Author of ‘The Naked Vegan’, Founder of Sadhana Kitchen, a popular plant based restaurant in Sydney.
Starting a vegan restaurant, tips for making vegan easy everyday, raw vegan food. 
20+ Speakers. 4 Days. Online Interviews and Q&A's. 
What you will gain from the event:
  • Learn how to become better at social situations and explain your lifestyle choices in the best way
  • Find out ways to spread the vegan message, influence others and educate them (in a non-pushy way)
  • Learn about how eating starches will make you feel your best and how it can help you to achieve your optimal weight
  • Discover the various 'types' of a vegan diet and how to find one that's best for you
  • Know how to find like-minded vegan friends and your ‘vegan tribe’ 
  • An insight into agricultural policies and rules such as ag gag and what you can do to make a difference today
  • Learn some easy tricks on how to be vegan on a budget (even on $4 a day)
  • Find out what a day in the life of vegan chefs, farm sanctuary owners, vegan bloggers, vegan entrepreneurs and vegan doctors is like 
  • New ideas, passion and motivation
What previous summit participants said about the event:
  • - 'I just want to say you did an amazing job!! I really enjoyed the interviews and I appreciate the hard work you put into this summit. It really helped me begin my vegan journey. Before the summit, I was vegetarian for 10 years. Thank you so much!'
  • - 'I honestly couldn't narrow it down as I got so much out of every interview, for completely different reasons there is not just one thing, I have learned so many things that I cannot think of the biggest takeaways when it all was a winning lesson :)'
  • - 'It's always fun and interesting to learn more about veganism, and with chronic fatigue being able to stream it from home was a huge A+ haha, thank you! Hope to catch it again next year :)'
  • - 'I have realized there are so many aspects to veganism. I can choose from a variety of ways to represent myself through this community to the masses.'
  • - 'Loved Ally Sheehan's video and discussion about social media/veganism, how we can all make a unique impact and create change in different ways!'
  • - 'I absolutely loved it and had a blast watching them! I hope there is one next year'
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What makes this Vegan Lifestyle Summit Different?
  • You don’t need to leave your house... you can literally sit on your couch and sip your fav vegan chocolate smoothie while watching the interviews
  • The summit is FREE to watch (you’ll get the chance to purchase recordings and bonuses later, but this is optional) - normally you’d pay $100 or more for such an event!
  • Join whether you’re a long time vegan, complete vegan newbie or you’ve been vegan for a while but want to know more about certain aspects of this lifestyle.
  • Get to hear speakers from all over the world, from different backgrounds, ages and professions! Also learn about other vegan lifestyle topics (not just nutrition). Veganism is about so much more than just knowing what to eat!
20+ Speakers. 4 Days. Online Interviews and Q&A's. 
Tickets valued at $497.
Meet Your Host
Katharina Alf
Creator of the Online Vegan Lifestyle Summit, The App 'That Vegan Life Co', and Entrepreneur

Katharina is a vegan entrepreneur and creator of the App ’That Vegan Life Co’, and now organiser of this Online Vegan Lifestyle Summit.
Katharina’s journey began when she was 13 and attended her first personal development seminar with her parents, and then turned vegetarian at 14. Instead of getting a job to earn money for a trip to Costa Rica, Katharina started her first business at 16. Since then she’s been learning as much as she can about modern online marketing, personal development, and also veganism, which became a passion 2 years ago. She decided to combine her knowledge in marketing and business with her passion for veganism to create this Online Vegan Summit in order to help others to become more compassionate, healthy, happy vegans.

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